What’s going on! I’m Dwight James III and I’m a multi/inter disciplinary creative that’s committed to all things arts. I enjoy Soulection, traveling (with Southwest), hanging out with friends (old and random), gaming, and watching Anime [i.e. Bleach, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Hunter x Hunter, AOT] (even if it takes a year until the new season drops). This is the Random Memory Lounge— a place for thinkers and observers alike.

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Beyond The Lights,

Dwight/D3/DJ3/ Mav

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I write about my observations, realizations, and studies in art, culture, and anything that sounds like a solid Anime.


Dwight James III

Dwight James III is a poetographer, writer, & director from Jacksonville, FL. Every moment is a movie, no matter the length.